Acoustic doors

Swivel hinged metal door with universal lock system without lever locks and standard  lock and European profile cylinder.

With this configuration we get an index of airborne sound insulation of 43 dB RW, according to UNE EN ISO 140-3:1995 as certified by the test No 21005591 conducted in Aplus. We can produce them in one or two sheets as customer needs.

Its uses and applications are determined where there is to reduce the airborne noise to 43 dB respect to the other side of the door where it is generated, therefore, leisure areas, machine rooms, meeting rooms, isolation rooms, studios recording, suitable for noise regulations, etc … may be places where the Acoustic Door would be needed.

The panels are made of 1.5 -1.2 mm sheet and its interior is sound-insulating material which gives the 43 dB isolation. The frame is made of steel sheet of 1.5 mm and is totally perimeter, including the bottom, so that the closure is as airtight as possible.

The completion of the standard acoustic door is galvanized sheet for the customers to complete it according to their needs.
Meets the requirements of the new CTE (Technical Building Code) with regard to Protection Against Noise (HR).