Fire resistant registers

Fire Proof Registers, in one or two leaves, which frame is made of metallic sheet of 1.5 mm thick, taking form of “Z” which utterly surrounds the leaf in all its perimeter to which we add a joint protecting the constructive element when it reaches some temperature, sealing the flame and the inflammable gases, and forces for the anchorage to work ship.

The leaf is 62 mm thick and it is built on metallic sheet prelacquered of 0.6 mm forming a panel that includes a fire lock, two hinges RF, one of them returnable and insulation of wool rock of 150 kg/m3.

They incorporate an opening system through triangular keys authorized by the companies with opening ironwork by the inside without key. Our Fire Proof Registers is classified as EI2 60 as for stability and isolation in front of fire.

The product itself has got multiple functions and uses, standing out among them as registers for light meters, telecommunication charts, registers in the machine rooms, elevators, gas meter chart, etc…

We have a hidden hinges model that opens just 110º .