Panic bar

Public buildings, and the majority of industrial, administrative and commercial premises in general, are now confronted with two serious problems: the security of property and safety of people.

RUBIO offers different solutions to equip the escape routes, allowing a safe and effective evacuation in situations of panic or emergency.

The range of accessories RUBIO is certified by independent laboratories which meet the requirements set by European legislation.

When a fire occurs inside a building is not normally the fire itself  which claimed human lives, but the smoke and, above all, the panic that caused this fire, so it is important to have always an adequate number of  escape routes.

The European Commission has published The Harmonized Standards for the Anti panic devices (EN1125) and Emergency (EN179). The requirements specified in the UNE EN1125, has as main aim to enable a safe and effective evacuation through a door with minimal effort for people not familiar with that door. UNE EN179 covers those devices that are used in emergency situations where people to be evacuated are familiar with the door where the evacuation is done.

Directive of Construction Products (89/106/EEC) states that all products used for door-mounted on safety exits must bear the CE mark to ensure the users´ safety. Therefore, all ACORAVAL anti panic devices are certified  and also complying with higher standards than those required as a minimum standard.

The Anti panic kit incorporates mechanisms, rods, handles, badges and special locks for proper operation of a door of escape.