Door made of two 0.5 mm galvanized sheet filled with polyurethane 45 kg / m3 expanded into a fully compact body with thermal insulation, acoustic, quiet operation and hermetic sealing.
Defined frame with an unique design, to house partition of 7 cm. plus enfoscados. Frame and sheet made without any welded joint, thus avoiding any possible corrosion.The are manufactured in one and two sheets, with vents or blind, and are supplied with slip and conviction lock, handle and full shields, and with European cylinder and three keys.

These doors can be finished with PVC coating in different colours and features from solid colours like white to teak wood imitations. Colours and other features are available on customer request and minimum order quantities. Besides, they also take another protective layer of transparent PVC to prevent damage in transport, storage or work.

The termination in RAL prelacquer sheets approved by the supplier are available on request from the client and with a minimum order.

The termination in galvanized is a coating to protect the metal oxidation, therefore it is not finished and there may be changes in appearance between them. The company is not responsible for the alterations in appearance of the sheet caused by the use of substances that could attack protection.
Its applications range from door storage, pools, locker rooms, gymnasiums, classrooms, temporary alteration, storage, etc …

The Company reserves the right to change models.