Metallic frames

We manufacture custom made metal frames depending on needs and specifications of our clients, to locate afterwards usually wooden doors used as entry to rooms and hospital wards, school classrooms, entry door of hotels, etc.

They are usually made of a galvanized sheet metal of 1.5 mm, that folds to form the profile requested by the customer, giving plenty of opportunity to figures to adapt to any size and thickness of the leaf itself.

The frame profiles are welded together and have the necessary elements for the perfect reception at site and subsequent placement of the sheet without any deviation that would inconvenience the operation, as riostras, holding piton on the ground, Travessera , props, etc …

Also incorporating sets of hinges, weatherstripping rubber perimetral closing with the sheet, and holes to slip and conviction.

The reception in the work may be through claws (wet walls) or screwed to any existing element as profiles of dry walls.