RUBIO CMC, S.L. is up to date with current regulations related to its products in the absence of any feature or option that every country establishes in the existing European legislation.

In its eagerness to enter new international markets and within its export policy RUBIO CMC, S.L. is commited to consider any other legislation that is required to sell its products in those countries as long as the market is interesting enough to undertake a series of expenses that would incur for technical studies, approvals, testing, validation, adaptation, etc. and that each case will be negotiated with the clients.

The fire resistance tests are carried out as described in the UNE EN 1634:2000, by internationally recognized laboratories, results of 60, 90 and 120 minutes.

In the Spanish case the only possible regulation for test standards is that specified by the new Technical Building Code, CTE.

The testing of resistance to repeated openings and closings (200,000 cycles) of fire-resistant doors are governed by the UNE EN 1191:2000, the classification obtained was C5.

Sound insulation tests are carried out according to UNE EN ISO 140-3:1995, also required by the new CTE in the point of protection against noise HR., obtaining the result of Rw 43 dB.