Village doors are born from the need to equip homes with a very low price metal door with designs in soft stamped recesses.Thermal insulation is very important to note with U = 1 W / m2K value. The seal between frame and leaf allows its placement on the outside with a tight and silent closing.

Two main parts are panel and frame, panel consisting of two metal sheets assembled, inside which polyurethane foam expanded high density, and a frame profile designed to install on any wall thickness by claws or screwed. Frame and leaf are manufactured without any welding point, avoiding any rust zone. They can be made in a single and double leaf.

The finishings can be lacquered white RAL 9002, coated in pvc imitation ( ask the available finishing ). Other finishing depending the quantities

About its application and uses are aimed towards a very low price metal entrance door to place, especially, where wooden doors are damaged by moisture and high temperatures.