Fire resistant door

RUBIO Fire resistant doors are robust, solid and with a special design to best fulfill their missions as pedestrian access door, and as FIRE RESISTANT DOOR.
Pedestrian doors are hinged and pivoting. 


The full range of fire resistant door are based on the same door panel as to their thickness, 62 mm, and increases fire resistance by varying the quality and quantity of insulation in it.

Our fire-resistant doors are tested under the European regulation EN 1634:2000 and comply with the new Technical Building Code (CTE) of the Spanish legislation.

The fire resistant door can be manufactured in one or  two sheets.

We can incorporate accessories such as anti panic locks, anti panic bars, firewall viewers knobs, handles, special cylinders,  training of cylinders, door closers, electro magnets, etc … all  of them with CE marking.

Their decoration of our fire resistant door can be RAL prelacquer approved by the supplier, PVC wood imitation, or vinyl printed with digital images

All the fire resistant doors carry their Identification Label with the manufacturer/’s name, fire resistance, model and type, the corresponding number of certificate and number of production, between the frame and sheet at the hinges.

The significant improvement achieved in this model Registry EI2 60 min. is the weight reduction compared with the same properties against fire. Usually it is constructed of galvanized metal sheet or prelacquer of  0.6 – 0.8 mm forming a panel of 62 mm composed mostly of mineral wool 150 kg / m3. The steel total perimeter of the  frame is of 1.5 mm cold formed to obtain the required design.

Our fire resistant door is mostly used as a port closure in places where there are electricity, gas, communications, water, etc.. meters and where they are  required to be anti fire. They don´t  come with handles because  only the supply companies can access and  open with a special key.
The standard sizes of our fire resistant door can be seen in the download area within the catalog. But we can build them as required.

More technical details about the fire resistant door are shown in  the download area in test reports

The Company reserves the right to change models.