Solution to avoid contagion

The hygienic solution to avoid contagion on metal doors

Antimicrobial handle SecuSan®

Door handle with antimicrobial finish. SecuSan®is a special surface that immediately suppresses microbial growth on a lasting basis. It is entirely maintenance-free and designed for long-term usage.

Antimicrobial paint

Leaf and frame paint treated with antimicrobial additives, Biocote®, which provide lasting and effective protection against harmful bacteria, mould, fungi and viruses.

Powerturn automation F/R

Automatic swing door drive for one or two leaves. Door can be opened without the need for touch contact, contactless.

Combine the 3 integrated systems. Durable and contactless. Combine these 3 systems on the metal door to increase hygiene and comfort. Ideal for places with a high frequency of passage such as health centers, educational, sports, public facilities, hotels or restaurants.